Together with my friend Andy Wildbone, my sister Lilly and befriended musicians like Melee (Werefox), Xandi, Ampersand etc., we wrote a couple of songs and compiled them by labeling them “Man And Mountain” (the name “Man and Mountain” was inspired by a song title from the “Sexy Underground Band“, one of my most favorite bands I’ve ever had the privilege to work with.). 

Most of the Man And Mountain songs were country-music oriented, although we did a couple of songs that absolutely didn´t fit into that genre. Those songs were never really released, but we´re thinking about it 😉 

Since 2020 we also use the name “Man And Mountain” for the media production company that I run with Gordana Sofija in Macedonia – it’s called “Man And Mountain LLC, XXMM SKOPJE” – check it out 🙂