Sans Secours Live Film From 1998 On YOUTUBE

OK – this is a really great surprise:

Niki Lerch filmed in 1998 a whole show of Sans Secours at a festival in Bad Radkersburg. He recently renovated and cut the material and put the whole show (!!!) on youtube! The film is more than a hour long and captured the very special energy of the band at probably one of their best shows they´ve ever played in a very cool way.

In the end of the show there´s even a guest appearance of Melee from Werefox (those days Psycho-Path). This clip is for fans and friends and I hope you´ll enjoy it as much as I do 🙂 THANK YOU NIKI!!!

Holiday Greetings

Holiday GreetingsSince I’m on vacation right now I find some time to update my little homeblog with some news and other things I’ve never had time to finish 🙂

Sans Secours
Sans Secours

First I updated that “My Projects” section with some words about my band “Sans Secours”. For those who like the band and who want to listen to their stuff, I collected all recordings and most if the artwork and compiled a DVD with it. If you want that DVD,  just send me an email and I can send it to you.

And since I’ve finished my work on our house and studio, I’m getting to make more music than in the last years. There are a couple of projects right now I’m involved in as a guitarplayer and songwriter – together with my friends Andreas and Sol we will try to make an album this year under the name “Fancy 3” (which is probably the best name for a band ever :-)) and I’m also playing in Sol and Anita’s band “Supernachmittag”. Together with Niki, we’re slowly getting to get our electro project “Bronko Petrovic” up and running.

Another cool thing that happened in the end of last year was the collaboration with Werefox, the finest alternative band from Slovenia. We played and will play some shows together and in mid of this year we’re going to the studio for their new LPCD.

Yes, and when I’m taking about good old friends – Mat Reetz from Blackmail will join in the Breitenhilm groove and we’ll make some songs together next month.

Last but not least I’d like to mention “The Artificial Harbor” from Brixen (Italy/South Tyrol) – we’ve finished our work on their debut album and it’s gonna be released within the next months. They’re working on some videos and artworks right now and I hope you all gonna like it 🙂

Finally there’s a little holiday greeting and I can only wish anyone a happy new year and stay sane 😉


Check 800A – Fabio Rizzo

OK, I admit it: This is a fanpost – Fabio Rizzo – THE MAN from Palermo – I´ve mastered a couple of his productions and I finally have to admit this in public: I love his sound!!!! Dirty, Italian, Rude, Crude, Damaged, Crazy, Distorted, Weird, Wild, Angry, Dark, Loud, Noisy… You get the picture – Check out his site and listen to some of his stuff like WAINES, Fiandaca, SWAIl Pan del Diavolo or any other! Right now I´m working on a new production of from a band called “VeneziA” – AMAZING!!!!

Melee Has A New Band

Melee, former singer of Psycho-Path, has formed a new band called “WAREFOX” and will play her first shows in MIKK / Murska Sobota (SLO) on the 19. Nov. and on the 1. December this year at the Kino Siska / Ljubiljana (SLO). If you’re near, you should defenitly check it out and tell me, how you liked it!