Sans Secours Live Film From 1998 On YOUTUBE

OK – this is a really great surprise:

Niki Lerch filmed in 1998 a whole show of Sans Secours at a festival in Bad Radkersburg. He recently renovated and cut the material and put the whole show (!!!) on youtube! The film is more than a hour long and captured the very special energy of the band at probably one of their best shows they´ve ever played in a very cool way.

In the end of the show there´s even a guest appearance of Melee from Werefox (those days Psycho-Path). This clip is for fans and friends and I hope you´ll enjoy it as much as I do 🙂 THANK YOU NIKI!!!


For those out there who follow stuff that I do know that I´m working with CHPLN (spoken “Chaplin”) for quite some time now. These weeks are very important for us, because we released two singles from CHPLN in a short period one after the other. First came the a remix of “White Snow” by Shy Luv – which in the meantime crossed the 150.000 plays border on soundcloud (!!!!) – and the Song itself some hours ago.

Check it out:

Supernachmittag US-Tour

supernachmittag US-Tour 2013

Yes – this is the first time since the 1996 that I´m playing live in the US – and YES – that´s great 😉

These are the dates and chances are good that some more shows are coming up:

28th July Columbus, Ohio
2nd Akron Ohio (tba)
3rd August Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

for more infos check out supernachmittag on facebook or just join us in Ohio 🙂

Little June Update…

This is quite a hot summer – unfortunately not in temperatures, but in actions 😉

Right now I´m in the middle of finalizing the new EP of my bros from Bruno Punani, who are all time favorites of the John Lennon Awards in Germany – in the meantime you can check out their actual single “Party Rebel”

We Are Chaplin

c/o pop at Cologne has also closed it´s gates for this year and it´s been a busy week for Chaplin. Last friday they played a liveshow for Radio 674 FM and on saturday at Magasin Populaire on Chic Belgique. Two days later we spent some time with our friends from Studio Wannsee in Berlin, working with Talul on a new song that will be released later this year.
iZen at it´s best

During the first part of July iZen will also finish mixing their debut album in my studio!


supernachmittag new album

Later this month I will play some shows in the area of Cleveland OH with supernachmittag as a guitar-man 😉

Yes that´s it for this month 🙂

A Little May Update …

Since I´m just working on some things again, I just wanted to write a little update about some things that are going on right now!

Chaplin Living Room Session #1 from Chaplin on Vimeo.

Chaplin Living Room Session #2 from Chaplin on Vimeo.

Chaplin Living Room Session #3 from Chaplin on Vimeo.

Chaplin are going to release an EP in Germany in June 2013 including two brand new tracks and two remixes by Talul on a very fine Label for electronic music from Cologne called Trittgold. Chaplin will also play on this year´s co/pop – be there when you´re near Cologne!


Dezurni Krivci released their groundbreaking rock hammer album “Fakti” in Slovenia and are touring very successfully through the Balkans. The album gained huge medial response in Slovenia and Croatia for their very political and radical lyrics. The album is available as a free download and also as a limited edition on a handprinted +30 pages book including a CD.

Fabio Rizzo (800A) has been very busy this spring and released several new songs on his label 800A from Palermo. Hank show up with a new album, VeneziA released a new single called “Concrete Song”,  FLAC released a brand new single and The Black Eyed Dogs come up with a phantastic new EP. It´s all out there and you should get your hands on this fine music from one of the best producers in Italy!


So there´s also a new single from my friends at Omosumo out – this very cool electro-punk-rock band from Palermo is really one of the most powerful bands from Italy and absolutely worth beeing heard!!!

Check 800A – Fabio Rizzo

OK, I admit it: This is a fanpost – Fabio Rizzo – THE MAN from Palermo – I´ve mastered a couple of his productions and I finally have to admit this in public: I love his sound!!!! Dirty, Italian, Rude, Crude, Damaged, Crazy, Distorted, Weird, Wild, Angry, Dark, Loud, Noisy… You get the picture – Check out his site and listen to some of his stuff like WAINES, Fiandaca, SWAIl Pan del Diavolo or any other! Right now I´m working on a new production of from a band called “VeneziA” – AMAZING!!!!