Werefox New Album – New Video!!!

Let´s start with one of my all time favorite artists I´ve ever had the luck to meet and work with: Melee Fabcic – former singer from Psycho-Path and now singer and writer in her new band WEREFOX. Actually WEREFOX has already released their debut album 2 years ago with huge success – especially in Slovenia this album boosts their career from a club band to a prime time national television act. Several shows were broadcasted over the national network and the medias took high interest in WERFOX´ career.

One year ago the Melee contacted me again and we shorty found out that we want to make the follow up album together. Because a second album is always some kind of a hard thing for a band, we decided to make it as rough, hard and uncompromising as possible. We recorded most of the tracks live to keep the positive energy alive as possible throughout the whole production.

Luckily we had a great room to record in at the Layer´s house in Kranj to record our basic tracks – Here again I want to thank them wonderful people at the Layer´s House a lot to make this happen – YOU ARE THE GREATEST!!! 🙂

However, we recorded vocals and some additional stuff during the mixdown session in my place – Home Vasoldsberg – which was also a very nice and relaxed experience for all of us (I hope at least 😉

SOOOO – the video to the first single “TRIADS” is released and shows the energy and liveness pretty much – I hope you´ll check them out live a place near you or listen to FM4 on the 23. March at 22h (“House of Pain” with Christian Fuchs) – because we´re there and talk a bit about the album 🙂



Sans Secours Live Film From 1998 On YOUTUBE

OK – this is a really great surprise:

Niki Lerch filmed in 1998 a whole show of Sans Secours at a festival in Bad Radkersburg. He recently renovated and cut the material and put the whole show (!!!) on youtube! The film is more than a hour long and captured the very special energy of the band at probably one of their best shows they´ve ever played in a very cool way.

In the end of the show there´s even a guest appearance of Melee from Werefox (those days Psycho-Path). This clip is for fans and friends and I hope you´ll enjoy it as much as I do 🙂 THANK YOU NIKI!!!

Cool Things Happen!

The Rock Hard Magazine just turned 30 years (!!!) and to celebrate it´s anniversary they gave Hoger Stratmann and me the opportunity to choose the best performances from the RockHard Festivals during the last years (which were more than 100 different shows to choose from…) to compile our very favorite Best Of Festival CD… and here we go:

– Jon Oliver
– Overkill
– Kvelertak
– Amorphis
– Enslaved
– Amored Saint
– Turbonegro
– Graveyard
– Opeth

All world exclusive performances – never released before – amazing sound quality (of course – Holger and me recorded and mixed it at the Glowing Stars Studio Dortmund/Germany (the heart of Metal Music ;-)))

This Anniversary CD is only available this month included in the RockHard Magazine #317!
So hurry and check it out – it´s great 😉


Supernachmittag US-Tour

supernachmittag US-Tour 2013

Yes – this is the first time since the 1996 that I´m playing live in the US – and YES – that´s great 😉

These are the dates and chances are good that some more shows are coming up:

28th July Columbus, Ohio
2nd Akron Ohio (tba)
3rd August Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

for more infos check out supernachmittag on facebook or just join us in Ohio 🙂

Check 800A – Fabio Rizzo

OK, I admit it: This is a fanpost – Fabio Rizzo – THE MAN from Palermo – I´ve mastered a couple of his productions and I finally have to admit this in public: I love his sound!!!! Dirty, Italian, Rude, Crude, Damaged, Crazy, Distorted, Weird, Wild, Angry, Dark, Loud, Noisy… You get the picture – Check out his site and listen to some of his stuff like WAINES, Fiandaca, SWAIl Pan del Diavolo or any other! Right now I´m working on a new production of from a band called “VeneziA” – AMAZING!!!!

Melee Has A New Band

Melee, former singer of Psycho-Path, has formed a new band called “WAREFOX” and will play her first shows in MIKK / Murska Sobota (SLO) on the 19. Nov. and on the 1. December this year at the Kino Siska / Ljubiljana (SLO). If you’re near, you should defenitly check it out and tell me, how you liked it!