Charts All Over The Place

OK – busy times… but also with nice results so far!

Pele Caster

Let´s start with Pele Caster – Pele, former singer of Astra Kid, just released his debut album and became immediately nominated for best newcomer act 2017 in by the Pop NRW.  I was lucky enough to mix and master most of the songs on this album and I´m very proud of it 🙂

But here´s another nice thing: Metalkinder also just released their debut album, which I mixed and mastered 😉 AND with their songs “Ich bleib am längsten wach” and “Metalbrett” they reached No.1 in the WDR and BR children broadcast charts.

And the good news keep rolling in – it´s been an interesting year so far and very cool things will happen a little later on – and I´ll keep you posted 🙂