A Little Pre-Winter Update

Again a half year has gone by without any updates on this site. Actually that´s a good sign, because this was a rather busy year so far and it doesn´t seem to slow down at all.

Right now I´m preparing for being in the jury of the German final of “Local Heroes” bandcontest.

However – we´ve just finished recordings for the debut single of “The Artificial Harbor” from Italy, that´ll be released some weeks from now.

Then another great EP of Mat Reetz (singer of Blackmail) just found it´s way to the stores. Check his showdates!

Then there are some other incredible stories from CHPLN (again) – after beeing the only act besides Lenny Kravitz at the official FIA aftershowparty at Sochi / Russia at the Formula 1 grand prix in Russia, their career made a huge step forward. Actually they were invited for a couple of shows in Russia and got a couple TV features, Interviews and god knows what – CHPLN´s gonna be big!

Of course I need to say that I´m superhappy that my old friend Michael Schimpl, who is one of the biggest musical talents I know out there, finally got a deal in the US and we´ll produce his debut album till X-Mas this year at my home.

BTW – besides working on those great songs from those great artists in this year I finally finished my home in Austria and finally got a name for my studio – it´s called “home vasoldsberg”. Yes – great things can sometimes be too simple ;-)))